Vivitrol Injection #19!!!

Thank goodness for some assistance from Pathways to Housing’s nurse. She was kind enough to help reschedule my appointment after my ride never came last Friday for the originally scheduled appointment. So, since regular patients still are not coming into the office, she assisted me greatly in scheduling the appointment and the ride to and from. I have been thinking about stopping the injections for the past few months. Although, I can understand completely why they program would rather see me be safe rather than sorry. They’ve seen me completely alter everything about my entire life just to help avoid a possible relapse. But, it is wiser to be safe rather than sorry, even if, it is to ease the minds of others more than my own anymore. It’s still nowhere near as demanding as methadone or Suboxone. So, it only takes up a small amount it my time once per month. That’s well worth the ease of mind it provides. I’m so glad that I still have them to help me when I need it. I’ve never been so fortunate in the past. Here’s to continuous progress… Even if it is slow, but steady.

Published by Jolene Piliero

Welcome to my crazy world. I'm 37 years old and would love to write a book about my crazy life but have no clue where to start. I'm hoping this may help get me started in the right direction. I hope you enjoy my little life's adventures.

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