18 months opiate free!!!

Well, 18 months is not much when compared with the  17+ years that I once had. Although, it is a substantial enough amount of time to recognize my progress since that fateful day in October 2018. That day, both, almost ended, and, yet saved my life. Getting struck by the car and spending almost 2 months on a coma actually enabled me to stay still and away from drugs long enough to realize the opportunity that I’d been given. I had an opportunity I’d thought was long lost. I had a choice to make. I could continue getting high and living on the streets (homeless) OR get (and try to stay) clean and accept the offer of an apartment with a team of professionals who were willing to help me be self- sufficient (like I once was). It was not an easy decision for me. Unfortunately, familiar pain is familiar and tends to seem less scary than making such a huge change in my life. Plus, I’d experienced a lot of injuries in the accident, including a brain injury, which affected my ability to care for myself, both physically and mentally. Not to mention the emotional stress at that time. I am so beyond grateful for the opportunity, alone. Words cannot express my gratitude for everything that’s occurred since that fateful day. So, here’s to making it 18 months, and hoping many more to come.

Published by Jolene Piliero

Welcome to my crazy world. I'm 37 years old and would love to write a book about my crazy life but have no clue where to start. I'm hoping this may help get me started in the right direction. I hope you enjoy my little life's adventures.

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